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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  December 5, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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action movie. debate twist in this plot and jen's out picking the perfect christmas tree, hi jen. >> we are ready. i have the saw. he says this time, i'm going to, saw town the tree all by myself. we are picking one. we will sawing one at linvilla. where else would you be with the new exciting wagon. this thing is ready to rock. >> yes, okay. >> all right, jen. >> well, karen all morning we have been trying to find a way to welcome harry connick junior to make him feel at home. this is louisiana. maybe do a little second line. we are celebrating the fact that he is here, so i say this is video of it. we have our that kins ready. we have our music. the lets get second line hughes i can dancing going. harry connick junior is here. >> ♪ >> wow.
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>> i like that. >> hi, so nice to heat you. >> how is this. >> here we go. >> all right. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> okay, yes. >> i have a confession. i have a confession. >> and it is great. >> yes.
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>> little jane is super inside new orleans. >> really. >> yes. >> y'all sound great. >> can you explain i'm from the south too. i'm from texas. i know about second line. >> i can see that. >> yes. >> can you tell, and explain, i was trying to explain why we do it for celebration, even at funerals. great way to celebrate life. >> well, in new orleans they have brass band and normally the brass band are the first, and, and, and second line. and, you can do anything, and, football game, the band will march to a slow beat and after they bury the body, it is a big celebration and they will do a second line uplifting dance. so, we're expecting laughing at this hour of the morning, philly, it was second line. >> yes. >> we wanted to do this at
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home. >> man, this is great. people think it is how hander chiefs can to that. >> yes. >> we also have pretzels, philly pretzels for you. >> yes. >> i know you tried them, i was watching that episode. >> so good. >> food is great here. i don't know how strange this will sound to your viewers but philly, remind me of, of new orleans. it may be in size, or in the love of good food or sports. >> and music. >> and music. >> yes. >> yes. >> got the some skeletons. >> it is great. >> music so important paw we have sound of philadelphia, kenney gamble. we also have teddy pender grass and everything. a lot of that here. >> i feel very at home here. i come here, i probably started working here when i was 18, 20 coming this playing gigs and stuff. it always feels very good. >> give us one of your story. >> the first time i played here i was really 18 or 19 years old just getting
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started. one off the record companies executives say there is some kind of a event. i don't remember where it was or exactly what the event was but i remember playing solo piano and the audience, was, it was one of those crowd that didn't know who i was so they weren't going to be enthusiastic. >> did they give you a philly welcome. >> but what happens was when i started playing i noticed that the attention sort of shift todd me and people were very respectful justrom out of town. it was just a nice feeling. so i have always loved laying here. >> wow. >> well, we're glad you are here. we know how are now, that is for sure. >> we love harry, i watch it every day at 2:00 p.m. >> it is really fun. feeling that i got walking in and hearing these great musicians play vice similar to the feeling we have every day. i wanted to have a party, i wanted my band there. we play every day. sometimes it is scripted, sometimes not. we have special guests.
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we have celebrities. we have every day folks. it is a good time. >> what surprised you most before you got your own show and your name on the show. >> i think it the is how audiences like familiarity. so, i really like to improvise. if you guys went out to lunch and said take over, i wouldn't be nervous. i like that. i am not saying i will do as good a job but i like to do things spontaneously. when people are at home and they are watching, they like to necessity that you come out and do something the same every day. not that the show has to be the same but just like when johnny carson and they come out and do mono log, people tend to like that. so even though i don't do that per se, i do certain things over and over again because i think people like to feel like they can come to second something from the show. >> that makes sense. >> i love the fact too that music is part of it.
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you talk burr family. your wife is often in the audience. it is funny. you are a great joke teller. >> the key to that is the fact that it is, unscripted. just like we're talking now, we have never met before. we are having a conversation. i think it is really important to headache people feel at ease to know you are focused on what they have to say and we just want to have a good time. >> it sound good to me. i love it. >> how old are your kid. >> 20, 19, 14. >> they are all gorgeous, models, i mean seriously. >> they would love to hear you say that i will pass that along. >> they love coming to the show and they come when they can and they visit. it has been a blast. an absolute blasty love the way you talk about, your wife. >> yes. >> i'm single. i would like to think to have a relationship like you have. karen, he adores her. >> yes, everyone in america is jealous of her because of the love you have together and the way you are together.
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>> we love each other, and i understand that not all relationships work out and sometimes people die, sometimes people fall out of love and i realize how lucky i am to have her. when she comes she will sit in the audience and i usually said it on the air once during the commercial breaks i will look up at her. because she toss than the come to be on tv but just to see the show. i will look at her and say was that okay. i find myself asking her what she thinks and like man, after 26 years i still want to know if she thinks i'm doing a good job. >> is there anything you tight about. >> we don't get into major fights, we have disagreements and stuff but i have so much respect for this woman, that it is just what i have learned over the years is that i will say 99.9 percent of the time she's right. >> happy wife, happy life. >> and that is true. >> other .1 percent she's
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probably right then too. >> yes. >> she's gorgeous. >> oh, thank you. >> is that the secret to having that lasting marriage. >> i don't know if there is a secret. i married high best friend. i love this girl. i met her when i was 22. we just, we're very close. i am genuinely interested in her, and what she has to say, and what she did today, you know, it is not about me, it is about she makes it, about me but i make it about her. i think that is what makes it work. at the end of the the day we all want to feel like somebody is interested in what we have to say. i keep going back to these great musicians but it is a thighs feeling to know that we're listening to you. when i walk in i heard what you were playing and i heard the group you were playing. are you from philly. >> yes. >> how did you learn to play that heat man. you you are not supposed to know that up here. you you are not supposed to play that up here. we all want to feel important and that people are interested
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in what we have to do and relationships are the same i think. >> we want to shout them out, ernest stewart trio, great for for them. >> they can really play. >> thanks for being here. >> you know very quickly. a musician will tell you within five seconds of hearing something whether they can play or not. they can for real play. >> you have their seal approval. >> they don't need it from me but they have it. >> well, let's talk about our hot topics. so glad you are joining us. so first up, i'm sure you know since you have three daughters. but you back when they were younger there is always that one toy that every child is so excited about every parent has to try to find. >> right. >> but it is sold out. >> always good this year there are hatchimalls. >> i'm obsessed with them. i was on the today show. i held that thing for a hour. >> did it hatch. >> i got the frustrated so i smash it on the floor. >> did that work. >> yes.
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>> for those who don't know, because every child its screaming for them. it is a little egg. >> it is an egg that you can pet and apparently when you hold it close to your body, it respond and it coos, and it is amazing how this works. >> it hatches. >> you have to take care of it outside. >> it is very, very cool. >> it is cool if you can get your hand on would one. >> problem is they are sole out. >> internet, on line. is there the matchihas itself. i could not get it. hundreds of dollars. 300 instead of paying 50. our executive producer went out there. >> because, it was a on facebook and they were getting a new stock in. it would be a lot. you might get your hand on one. our executive producer tom loudon was out in media. he stood in line an hour before they even opened. well over a hundred people lined up trying to get hatchimal or a thin ten owe system. >> that is cool too. >> so, tom, your kid are not
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watching but how did it go for you, he is ready. or here's video of it from toys-r-us. >> look at the that line. >> they are $50 from toys-r-us. >> people buying them and putting them than line. >> and it is a lot. jingle all the way, i was trying to get that one toy. everybody was fighting for it. here we go. >> wow, look at that. >> me too, me too. >> what is this. >> what are you laughing at. >> these guys are like for turbo man. >> turbo man. >> they're looking for a turbo man. >> what is so funny. >> where have you guys been, it is hottest christmas toy
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ever. >> fighting scene with sinbad, they are trying to fight for it. you have a toy you were trying to get to your daughters. >> i'm trying to think what it was, i can remember specifically what it was but every year there is a toy. i want to know how the trend starts though. like one or two people start buying it or do they do a massive ad campaign. i never her of these things and now you you can't get them. >> you find out too late. >> you have never gone to the toys-r-us in your life. >> me. >> karen is calling you out. >> you never would stand in that line. >> what would make you say that. you don't know me very well. >> you have people that do that to you. >> i have people who help he for things but i also, i am a normal person. i go and wait and line for things. >> what was last thing you waited in line for. >> i held my -- guy in the
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elevator but harry connick wouldn't be helping somebody move a sofa. i said what do y'all think i am you told the story too you were in the taxi cab, you kind of look like. >> i get that all the time. >> yes, you let them go on. >> that is funny. >> i mean everything from star bucks, to, you know, i wait in line. >> do you get your name, harry connick junior, harry connick junior. >> no, i put merry christmas on it, so that one, star bucks doesn't like to say merry christmas. when they hold it up, they have to say merry christmas. so i get them to say it that way. >> pretty clever. i like that. >> since we're talking about merry christmas and holidays nerd to keep the peace this holiday season there are a few things you height want to avoid. expert revealed top three things that couples argue over during the holidays, ready for this? number three, over spending. we have to be mindful of that
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or are bills could haunt you. talk burr holiday expenses now and agree on a spending plan. so hard to to, isn't it. >> they say to do that and last study did most don't come up with a plan. we don't have any plans. >> number two. >> a plan. >> a land for sending. >> like a who will take spending plan? i understand budget and stuff but i always like to get a list together and just get different things for different people but i guess you got to have a bumming it plan. >> i try to but it never really works out. >> it is hard. >> if you see something that is good, might be out of what you thought you were going to spend. >> that throws everything else off in the budget. >> yes. >> what is the best gift you bought for your wife where she was like ahh. >> oh, man, i don't know, i really don't know stuff that she might say, i like that jacket or something, just stuff that i like to remember the things that she sees and you keep a mental note so when
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christmas comes she will say how did you know that back in april. >> you listen. >> you have to listen. >> you have listening, it is paramount. >> that is key. >> it is special when we think we are talking about something and you mentioned it in passing, and he remembers and brings it backup. >> yes. >> that guy you end up marrying will do all of those things. >> do you think so. >> i know so. >> they don't do that. >> i'm sure they do, they are out there. >> you are giving me hope. >> yes. >> you say i will be fine, we will be fine. >> i'm sure. >> lazy gift giving, you are not lazy at all. lack of effort to make partners feel under appreciated. so you dress the at point. you spend now, so it is not the repeated. sometimes we do gifts from a loved 1oh, thank you. you don't want to be mean like i hate this or why did you get me this. in the long run, it doesn't work out because they don't
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know that hey it is not what i was looking at from you. >> i don't drink. is there people in my life that no, i don't drink. sometimes i will get bottles of champagne. but you know what, like the whole idea of giving a gift for something or receiving a gift i think is so nice, to get any kind of gift i'm always grateful. >> it is thought the counts. >> yes. >> how long has it been. >> without drinking. >> i think i have had a couple beers in high school and decided i don't really want, i just never like it. i tried it because other people tried it and it just wasn't my thing so a long time. >> lets get to number one, fight ago the in laws. holidays can be a tense time for couples and often in-laws. negative comment is made stick up for your spouse. show support for your spouse in front have of your others and it is also right thing to to everybody talks about, you know, the in-laws this holiday. is it asterrible as people
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make it seem, karen. >> i have lovely in-laws. mine are wonderful. >> they are watching right now. >> always watching. >> where do you spend the holiday do you go away, family. >> thanksgiving was in santa fe with jill's mom. she lives in santa fe. i'm lucky to have great in-laws and my family loves jill so we luck out in that way. >> there is no awkward conversations. >> what was that about the defending yourself in front of the in-laws. >> yes. >> that must be a tense situation when you have to defend your spouse in front of her parents. >> that is true. >> or in front of my parents, it is like if they say something about her then you have to do that. i have been very luck bye that. >> of course, they love her. >> my dad, my dad loves jill, and jill loves my dad so we got lucky. >> do you alternate, do you do thanksgiving here or christmas there. >> we don't really plan it. this christmas we are staying home because everybody wants
9:18 am
to chill at home but it depend on the year. sometimes we will go to new orleans. sometimes colorado where jill's dad lives. it just depend home. >> where is home. >> in connecticut. >> i have a friend this lives up in the the lehigh valley and they vacation i think sometimes with your kid. martha's vineyard nantucket in cape cod. >> like i said, i was totally wrong. >> no, very close. >> exactly. >> very nice. >> well, before you go i wanted to play a game with you. >> yes. >> because i am obsessed with your show and watch it all the time. you do a thing called toast toss. >> most addictive thing ever. >> who would have thought, it is a simple thing but when i watched you do it, i said that is amazing. you take a toaster. >> you have to use bread that you will in the use. it has to be old, messed up, moldy funky bread thaw cannot even made bread pudding. we don't take real fresh bread. this was a good one. >> conference room. >> this was long distance.
9:19 am
>> boom. >> do you practice that. >> that took a few tries. >> we will try to to this live >> i will start. >> it will be fun. we're not good at it either. >> we have this set. >> i didn't expect to be tossing toast today. >> we have to play a little game. >> do you want to start us off then. >> sure. >> i don't think we have any on this side. >> this is really far. >> it is really far. >> 6 feet or so. >> here do this. >> we will try this out. >> yes. >> do you want to start. >> yep, okay. >> wow. >> it was close. >> no, way off. >> karen, you go next. >> we need music.
9:20 am
>> so close. >> she has great form. >> it is amazing. >> it is breakfast version of playing horseshoes or something. >> come on. >> come on, go on. >> here we go. >> here gee. >> wind up. >> no, no, it didn't work. >> this guy is like lining it up, and everything. lefty too. >> toaster toss not monitored. >> open window. >> yes. >> wow. >> little short. >> i will do the final one then. >> here we go.
9:21 am
>> one, two. >> wow. >> here's the final. >> and, close-up, there we go. >> most addictive thing ever. >> harry's determined. >> all of the kid are doing this at home now you. >> that is all right. we will try it. thanks so much, harry. >> i'm here all night. >> thank you so much. >> so glad to have you, welcome to philly. we will be on the q in just a little bit and watch tonight, right here at two. >> right at 2:00, party. >> yes. >> thanks very much, play us out a little bit. >> hi, jen. >> ♪ >> you know the guy, norm, we will actually cut down a tree this year. >> we will cut it. >> hold on, i will do this. check back with us, we will have fun.
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that means incredibly fa0 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone
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for just 79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can.
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♪ >> it is another justly i love harry. owe great. he is also going to be on the q so if you want more harry, make sure you are watching at noon. if you want more he is on every day during the week at 2:00 here on fox 29. we are looking at cammal back pocono mountains because there is some snow this morning, bob. >> snow up there. >> wintry mix. >> amy schumer is known for taking on, latest role is fits into that mold. she is slated to play bash any a live action comedy. so it will be a family flick, with a pg rating. in the half i barbie gets kicked out of barbie land because she's not considered, perfect, enough. and after adventures in the real world she learns to accept herself. she will reportedly co write the script with her sister,
9:26 am
and scheduled for release next summer. >> that is such a great idea. initially when you hear she's in barbie she's not anti barbie but rails against that when it comes to body choice. she's owning it. on a island of misfit toys. she doesn't belong. it is a good movie. great for girls, woman, everybody. >> funny. >> yes, she is definitely going to bring a fun side to it. >> she talks about accepting herself and a lot of people we talk about, we talk about this all the time when we talk about barbie for little girls and if i don't look like that. i remember tyra banks did a movie as life sized barbie. it was a cute hoff i, it was great but it showed her, it is tyra banks who is fabulous. now she has talk bit. she was younger when the movie came out. it was a big deal. everybody was talking about that. it goodies to see upgraded version wherever one can relate to. >> yes. >> evolution, barbie doesn't have to be barbie. >> yes. >> comes with a whole new line of barbie supplies.
9:27 am
>> merry christmas. >> get ready for that. >> we are craving this monday, if you have had pickles by themselves but what pickles string bean. you have to try this. we will tell you next. we will show you here.
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>> sure you've had pickles, but pickled kreen genes? >> you got to try. >> this i had this at a wedding one of our producers had it, let's meet the owner, pj, he came up with the beans and the identify idea -- idea, and they're great. >> where are you located don't have brick and mortar location but buy all of our products in
9:31 am
local retailers, reading term nam, placing like that. >> what inspired to you get into this? the picklery business. >> from the brian street picklesy business. >> new orleans inspired product, funny, with harry connick on today, my now fiancee, valentine and i went down to new orleans for a trip to judges fest, they put these means in the bloody mary's down there, so we thought people from philly might enjoy this more than a piece of celery. and here we are, couple of years later. >> sounds good. so you have the zing beans. we'll try them. what goes into these? >> we have all of our spices here for you, there is mainly dill seed, and then we use dried chilly, so like a dried chilly. gives it little bit after kick. we put them -- >> these are them? >> they are the zing beans, we put them without cheese plate during the holidays, put them in a martini instead of the
9:32 am
old disbelief that's what we had, and i'll put them in a sandwich. right in the sandwich to spice up boring old turkey, amazing, they have zing. >> and in salad. >> oh, what about this pickle in here that's on my plate? is this also a zing pickle or what? >> that's spicy pickle, call it spicy spear, made with another local company called saint lucifer spice. >> oh,. >> spice in there. >> karen, this is all you. >> i think i've even had the st. lucie if he before. >> tiff at home. >> but, yes. >> what is special about having you here today we'll make our own. good? >> how spicy is it one to ten? >> back ends. >> it is not going to send you running for the milk, you know? >> not bad. i think you can handle it. >> all right, i'll try little bit. this is for you,pj. >> i appreciate. >> oh, that's good. thanks, karen. so we make our own pickles, now, can people do this?
9:33 am
doing this specially for us? >> people can do it mainly like businesses, we have done zombies with like corporations, hr team building type stuff. so people can reap out to us on their website. >> let's do it. we laughed initially but hey people wanted something unique, and we thought of a fun idea to do little -- >> let's do it, let's get started. >> so you got your jars, your cucumbers, then all of your different spices here. if you like the spice from the zing bean, grab one of the chillies there, crush it up. >> kane, you want to grab. >> nervous to grab with my fingers to be honest. >> oh, you'll be fine, i promise. >> thank you. >> smart, karen, yes. >> you can get in trouble that way. one of these, all right? >> then this is our spice blends, so little dill seed, some mustard seed, some celery seed, some pepper corn there. >> oh, nice. >> so i want to make a zing bean. >> little bit of each. >> little bit of each. spoonful? >> like little half spoonful. one up a little.
9:34 am
there. okay? and then once we put this in, what, do you water it? what casino -- >> so, we have a brian te-atde . i'll sneak by here. >> and what we do is we just put it in there for you, after the cucumbers. >> seven to nine is what we get in there. >> nice. >> cucumber management right it. >> try to make sure it all fits in. >> so what do they do when they have these hr group challenge? people trying to stuff hot pep nerves their faces? >> no, people thought it was interesting to learn how to make their own pickles. what we do, tell them go, to the farmers market, go to the supermarket, and buy whatever sort of fresh and, you know, seasonal, throw it in a jar with some vinegar, salt, water, and --
9:35 am
>> that's what the brine is? >> this would make a nice gift, too, great for the holidays, unusual, like special? >> that's what we have that crate right in front every you there, we combine with couple other local companies. you can get it at the christmas village, at the bacon jam stall or at local retailers like green olive groceries. >> how much does this run? >> that goes for 40, then our jars go for like seven to ten, depending on the retailers. >> so with this how long does that sit then, now that we have the brine there? >> two, three weeks. >> two, three weeks? >> if you can wait that long, ya. >> i'm liking this, but it will be pretty cool. once it is done you are ready to eat. ready to have it? >> that's right. >> how do people get in touch with y website, stain gram, facebook, brine street ticklery. com. check us all around town. >> any plans to become a brick and mortar at any point? >> hopefully. we are working on that right now. but, so, in not this weekend but next weekends you can get us at the franklin flea, like a pop up market. >> that's fun. eighth and market. >> thank you, pj, thank you, i
9:36 am
get i'll hit you up in three weeks, let you know how it tastes. >> thank you. >> 9:36. rachael returns. did you see this on s&l? jennifer aniston bridges back her famous friends' role. how she surprised viewers over the weekends. that's one jen. let's go to our jen. >> okay, i'm now using my right hand, and look, it is going better. cutting our own trees this morning at linvilla. keep holding. here we go. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
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where things come from? how they get here? what they're packed in? it's a lot of stuff. and these things add up. that's why we recycle. [vo:]it's nice to know that raymour and flanigan is proud to be a leading recycler- 17 million pounds of recyclable materials every year. turned from trash into treasure. so in the future, we will all have a more beautiful world. ♪
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my cmine too!hange is super competitive. everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
9:40 am
>> pickle candy cages. have you guys seen these? >> i've never had them. but, you crave the weirdest strange he is, most odd things when you're pregnant. >> and if you're pregnant, and it is the holidays, why not mix the two? >> if it was the bread and butter chips, butter chip. >> pickles? >> can i cane, i would buy them. >> right? those are so good. >> whole jar of them in one sitting. >> nice and sweet, amazingment well, speaking of being pregnant, the things you crave, the smells, amanda, how do you -- hopefully i'm saying this, pregnant with her first child, with her fiancee thomas, hopefully i'm saying his name, too, just announced last week, and already experiencing an interesting sired effect, she has called it super human sense of smell. and in fact she spoke about it during her recent interview, she said she can smell everything, including the tv. she said the tv has a static-metal-scent coming from it, and she said she can tolerate the smell of just about anything but body odor.
9:41 am
so she and her fiancee only known each other since march, engaged since september. karen, have you -- could you smell the tv? >> i don't know if i could smell the tv, but do you get this human sense of smell, things, almost trying to protect the baby, like you would smell stuff, you would want to avoid anything -- >> well, anyone avoids the smells of the subway. >> everything is so pun gentle, so much more strong, really weird phenomenon, but i always a tribute it to protect the baby, like built in genetics, smell things dangerous to you. >> what happens to just normal stuff like running out for ice cream or for pick else? >> did you have any cravings? >> watermelon. i couldn't get enough watermellon. i would do lots of tomato sandwiches, i don't know why. >> you must have been pregnant during the summer, watermellon in august? >> i would eat it all year around, all of my kids born different times of the year. >> every time? i know you have three boyles. every time it was water mel on? >> definitely first one, first and second, because you're so
9:42 am
thirsty because your body keeps making all of this blood and everything because you are getting bigger, so thirsty, watermellon good for that. >> carry, what were you craving? >> care is he here. >> you should remember. i'm sure you were helping out with the pregnancy. >> ice cream, ice cream was big one, yes. >> particular flavor? >> chocolate chip. >> chocolate chip. >> he doesn't know. look, making it up. >> let's ask her, i bet she is over there somewhere. we have to find out. okay? >> fluff err nutter. >> okay. >> that's a flavor. >> like the marshmallow. >> oh, okay, okay. >> now, did he actually help you then with, when you had your cravings, that kind of thing? >> yes, but i would catch him down in the pantry eating. >> oh? >> one for me, one for her. >> common around. >> did you gain too? >> here to see harry connick junior. >> i'm here to see you. >> right. so what did you crave? >> flutter -- fluff err nutter
9:43 am
and peanut butter sandwiches, which you would eat half downstairs and bring me up the rest. >> you would tell me it was sympathy craving. >> really? >> always like in the middle of the night and stuff, random times? >> yes, middle of the night to bob as it is for all of you is like 10:15 at night. >> right. >> middle of the night i was kind of on my own. >> but at 2:00 a.m. i would slap her together a fluff err nutter and peanut butter sandwich, off i would go. >> pickles are always it. >> what is it about pickles? pickles for you, too? >> salet, helps you pull more moisture into your boyde, just part that far. >> okay. >> what about crushed ice? >> ever do the crushed ice? >> i did little bitty think with my last kid, wasn't as much, go through the weirdest things, too fun. >> i yes? >> i would love to see them pregnant. >> men. >> oh, how they would handle that? >> crushed ice, crushed ice! peanut butter. fluffer nutter. >> thanks, let's check in with jen, still trying to find the
9:44 am
perfect christmas tree. still cutting down the christmas tree, jen? >> i'm still cutting down the tree. norm has not helped, neither has jared the photographer. this was first time ever done it by myself. >> you are doing it all. >> we will be right back.
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>> clouds are starting to clear little bit. still seeing quite a few on radar, damp, dreary, but almost all above freezing be mount pocono, 31, lancaster, 45, down in wildwood. so, from here on in, not a bad day, high of 52, rain is pretty much out of here. then there is some more that rolls in tomorrow afternoon, it will be well above freezing, so only expecting rain, and then 50 degrees with mostly cloudy skies on wednesday, here's the big change. plunge in temperatures, just in time for the weekend, guys, friday's high only 39. saturday, we wake up to 27 degrees. high of 38. so, maybe some indoor shopping? >> good snuggle weather, too. >> sure. >> little fire in the fireplace, sue. >> this is the window -- time when people go to get a fresh christmas tree. when i first came to philly, i went out to linvilla off charred with my family, picked
9:48 am
out nice tree tore the -- for the house, it was pretty cool. we got to go out, there we walk around, picked a great tree. and i don't blame jen for having trouble trying to cut it, because sort of long time with my parents there, they came in from texas, happened tore there. but going through, that is lot of work, but you know what? you kind of feel more connected to the tree, because you picked it out specially for your home. all right, jen, finish cutting it? ready to go? >> now, this is what i want to say. did you actually cut it or your parent actually cut it? >> we actually cut it, yes. >> okay, so normal usually the tv ladies come out who cuts the tree? >> i usually cut 90% of it. >> but today this is me. i said to him, okay, here we go. ready to see it go? okay. and then, timber. and then i would do that. >> clean it up. >> clean it up. >> doing it all. >> so you said one of the big -- that's good. feels kind of good. you said one of the big questions you do get from people who come out to cut
9:49 am
your own is? >> do i have to cut my own tree. >> and then with weather like this you can look at my knees, you can tell that i did the work. it was raining this morning, but it is not really that crazy out. >> right. and they always worry about is it muddy out there. we do have nice grass here. >> okay. >> here's what i love. i told you, you guys, hook me into getting one of these couple of years ago, the best money i've ever spent. it is these crazy stands. >> stand straight stands. when you cut your tree, we drill the hole in it, back at the yard. >> yep? >> anal do you have do. >> are we really doing this? >> yes. guide it on there. got the hole lined up? >> yes. >> i'm used to this because i have it at my house. >> that's it, your tree is done. >> serious, i for couple of years i didn't want to get it because i thought it was ridiculous. >> best thing in the worlds. >> now you have the next thing you'll hood me into. what's this. >> new local guy from folsome, new watering system. there is a little bob err
9:50 am
here. you water your tree out here, no more climbing un the tree. you just wait for the green to come up. when you see green it is good. when you see -- >> this is great! >> then i love that it is a local guy. we always talk about there is you say no bleach. no spray. no aspirin, no sugar. you real i go with this stuff. what's that? >> we've been selling this product for long, really doing the job, you pour this in the water, little mix, so many ounces per gallon. >> okay? >> and the people, from our own experience, our customers are telling the needles stay on the tree. >> we got the bag. so really the only thing left is the donuts. josh, get over here. everyone needs to know, basically, norman have i been cutting this tree for an hour, and hey, josh, can you get us the watering thing? he literally had to drag back. hey, josh, can you get us the bag? he came back last time i said hey josh, can you get me a donut? please have a donut. take one.
9:51 am
they're yummy. or take two, i don't really care. all right, this weekend was crazy busy, you say come early if you're going to get it done. >> come early if you don't want to be around the crowds, sunday we'll have don back doing ice sculptures, saturday the bonfires, people sinking, and music for everyone while you cut your tree. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> jen, how much is that water thing? >> that's amazing. >> it is 30 bucks. >> but it saves you so much. instead of crawling under the tree, makes it so much easier. >> and it is local. >> okay, thanks, jen. >> i know, me too. >> the best part is actually do all of the work cutting the tree, sitting down, have little bonfire, zip the cider, pretty cool, and the cider donuts a -- donuts are amazing. love it. will the 51. rachael returns. jennifer aniston, she bridges back her famous friend's role on saturday night live. how she surprised viewers over the weekend. >> also we want you to help us, pretty please, there is a
9:52 am
a wonderful event that we signed up with, we partner with the kelyn ann dolan memorial fund. if you can drop off new toy for any kid under the age of 18, could be gift card, as well, drop it off there at the information wissahickon fire company today and tomorrow. now, jenn fred, today was getting a tree. tomorrow she will be at the wissahickon firehouse. so come out there with your toy. there is the information, we will put it on our website
9:53 am
9:54 am
fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just 79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> i have to say, you know who is produce whg justin timberlake is playing coming in. kit kat kline we here you.
9:56 am
>> yep. >> you can tell who is in the booth. >> somebody is dancing in northeast philadelphia, ticket worth a million dollars was sold at the cottman avenue sunoco, right across from northeast high school at cottman anal gone. >> lucky duck. >> a million dollars ticket. so check your tickets, northeast fill. >> i and since we told you, why don't you do the right thing? >> come on down. >> spread the love. by the way i want to say this on air so you hold me to it, they said brine street picklery it would take three weeks, i'll leave it here, i'll try and make this work. and in three weeks i'll check back in see what it tastes like. >> i think that's great idea. also, brianna johnson, happy birthday to you, a cutie, two years old. >> cute picture, too, little tiara. let's talk about mariah carey. she finally is giving us a glimpse into mariah's world. her new docu series premiered last night on e. when you see mariah carey, you know she is a diva. people say she's over the top. now we have an inside look.
9:57 am
here it is. >> it is taking me a minute to put these shoes on. so cute. then they can't go on right. >> told me don't let anybody think that you don't know how to put your shoes on any more. >> the problem is these shoes are abusive. and i can't put them on, i won't lie about it. >> what has oprah told you recenty? >> oprah not talking to me at all. so talks about her now ex fiancee james packer, upcoming european tour, she and her manager decide to postpone the wedding awkward because now we know that they've broken up, while working on this film they were together. >> did you see the boat? >> that's not a boat, that's a yacht, honey. >> i'll put your shoes on, get a ride on a yacht. that's craze. >> i jennifer aniston made surprise appearance on s&l over the weekend, rachael meet rachael? >> i was like 5,000,005 years ago. so i think we've just got to move on. >> well -- >> we can't move on from friends, everyone lovers
9:58 am
friends. we hope you guys have a great day. harry connick junior on "the q" at 12:00. >> ♪ >> ♪
9:59 am
10:00 am
live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. [ applause ] >> now here's wendy! [ wild cheers and applause ] >> wendy: hi. and away we go! [ cheers ] thank you for watching our show. say hello to my co-hosts, my studio


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